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What is Screen Printing for Clothing and Should you Choose it?

When it comes to custom t-shirts, various decoration methods are available, including screen printing, DTG, and heat transfer. With technological advancements, consumers can now print single custom t-shirts, changing the way production facilities operate. Although there are situations where screen printing is not the best choice, the majority of orders are still screen printed today. Despite a few limitations, screen printing remains the gold standard for brands worldwide due to the reasons outlined below. If you've ever received a free t-shirt, purchased one from a retailer, or represented a company, chances are it was screen printed. Therefore, here are a few reasons why you should consider screen printing for your next order.

Cost Effective

Screen printing is the most cost-effective method for producing t-shirts in large volumes. Brands often choose this decoration format to reduce costs and maintain sales margins. With the ability to set up high volume runs on automatic printing presses, the savings are passed on to consumers. As the order size increases, the cost per t-shirt decreases, making screen printing an ideal option for larger orders. This is particularly attractive to businesses looking to control costs, brands looking to maximize profits, and families on a budget. While larger orders can be produced at high speeds and lower labor costs, lower volume orders may require manual screen printing and increased labor expenses, leading to higher unit costs. Customers can inquire about quantity price breaks that may offer deeper discounts or increased t-shirts for the same price. For more information send us a message.


Screen printing is a versatile decoration method that can be applied to a wide range of t-shirt fabrics, including cotton, polyester, and blends. The demand for comfortable cotton, combined with the smoothness of rayon, has led to the development of new fabric types that are widely used today. Rayon emerged in the 1920s, while polyester was introduced in the 1950s. It was only in the last two decades that tri-blend fabrics became popular, which are made up of a blend of cotton, polyester, and rayon. The popularity of tri-blend fabrics has led to their widespread production, with brands such as Hanes, Bella + Canvas, and Next Level investing in the materials and research needed to ensure quality and durability. Visit our store and you can browse our catalog for a variety of cotton and blended t-shirts that can be customized to your liking.

Quality of Screen Printed Shirts

Screen printing is a reliable way to produce sharp and long-lasting images on custom t-shirts that maintain their vibrancy over time. Precise colour matching is essential for clients who want to match their brand's logo colours. To ensure predictable color outcomes, an ink under-base is often applied before the main colours are printed. This under-base creates a white canvas, regardless of the colour of the garment, and requires precise screen alignment to achieve crisp lines. Once the ink is applied, it is cured and bonded to the fabric through carefully calibrated flash dryers and belt driers set to the ideal temperature for the specific t-shirt material. This results in a perfect print that will endure.

Quick Turnaround

Looking for custom t-shirts with a fast turnaround time? Many screen printers may require you to wait for up to three weeks before you can receive your order. However, at Saab Prints & Graphics, we've always aimed to deliver your custom t-shirts within a specified delivery frame. Even today, we frequently exceed our own delivery estimates and have orders entering production within days of being placed. In fact, it's not uncommon for us to deliver orders even sooner than expected.

Should you require further information regarding screen printing or any other t-shirt printing techniques, please do not hesitate to contact us. As Abbotsford's premier print shop, Saab Prints & Graphics takes great pride in providing exceptional service, unparalleled quality, and fast turnaround times that surpass our clients' expectations. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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